1. Where can I see my Wallet Address?

Your wallet address can be found by the following path:

Go to: ETHEXIndia.com>Wallet>Deposits

The wallet address can be found at the bottom of the page

2. How can we transfer the amount(INR) to the wallet?

  1. Transfer the amount to the account details available at the following path:
    Go to: ETHEXIndia.com>Wallet>Deposits
  2. Transfer the required amount(INR) to the bank account available on Deposits page.
  3. Your amount will be reflected at the following page:

3. Can I have multiple wallets with ETHEXIndia?

- You can have only one wallet with ETHEXInida.

4. How to transfer ETH to another wallet?

- Go to: ETHEXIndia.com>Wallet>withdrawal.

- Choose ETH from the drop down menu under Type of Request.

- Mention the beneficiary/receiver wallet address.

- Enter the ETH amount that need to be transferred.

- Enter the withdrawal confirmation code.

- Click the Submit button.

5. How to transfer ETH from another wallet?

- Go to: ETHEXIndia.com>Wallet>Deposits.

- Copy the wallet address available under "For Ether Deposits" .

- Use the copied address to transfer the funds from any other wallet.

6. I have deposited amount(INR) but it is not reflecting in my wallet.

- When you transfer INR to ETHEXIndia, the ETH credits into your wallet will be processed from 8 AM to 8 PM(Monday to Saturday).

- Please note that NEFT and IMPS transactions takes T+1 (T=Transaction date plus next day) for the funds to get credited into ETHEXIndia's account and also Please enter the payment details in the Deposit Submission page in the Wallet. In case your amount is not reflected in your wallet within the stipulated time as mentioned above, then please contact ETHEXIndia support by mailing your transaction slip or a screenshot of the transaction to [email protected].

7. When does the deposited ethers reflect in my wallet.

- After 14 confirmations it will be shown in your wallet. Time taken usually is 5 to 10 minutes.

8. Can I store ethers in ETHEXIndia wallet on long term basis. Is there any charge for storing the ethers.

- Yes you can store in ETHEXIndia wallet on long term basis. No charges will bee levied for storing the ethers.


9. What are the documents required for KYC.

List of documents required:

  1. ID proof(Any one of Driver's license, PAN Card, Indian passport and Aadhar card)
  2. Address proof(Any one of Driver's license, Electricity bill, Telephone bill, Indian passport and Aadhar card)
  3. Photo with signature

10. Can I register without PAN?

- No. PAN is mandatory.

11. I am facing problem while uploading the KYC documents.

- Please check with the type and size of the files while uploading your documents. The size and type of the files is as follows:

  • File types : JPG, PNG and PDF
  • Size: Below 2 MB

Account related

12. I am not able to login in to the ETHEXIndia website.

- Please make sure that your Client ID and E-mail ID are correct. Also please check if there are any white spaces before your Client ID and E-mail ID in the fields. In case of any other difficulty please contact ETHEXIndia Support.

13. Can I have multiple accounts with ETHEXIndia?

- No. Only one account is allowed per individual.

14. Can I link/register multiple bank accounts with my ETHEXIndia account.

- No. You cannot link/register multiple bank accounts with your ETHEXIndia account.

15. How to find Client ID/Request for Client ID/Forgot my Client ID.

- When you register with ETHEXIndia, an mail for activation of your account consisting Client ID will be sent to your E-mail ID. Please refer the mail for details. Please contact ETHEXIndia Support in case if you have not received the mail.

16. What is Enable Passcode and how does it work?

- Passcode is an extra safety feature where it adds an extra layer of security to access your funds. To enable your passcode, go to:ETHEXIndia.com>Wallets>Enable Passcode and create your passcode. Your passcode should consist at least one upper case letter, one special character and one numeral.

17. I forgot my Passcode, how to retrieve it?

- Passcode cannot be retrieved once lost.

18. How to access the data using API .

- -To access the data, go to: api.ethexindia.com. You can avail the public data by referring to ticker, order book, and trade that are available in the page. In case you need private data you need API key. Please contact support at ETHEXIndia to request an API key.

- Please check documentation available at api.ethexindia.com for more details.

19. What is the procedure to change bank details/mobile number.

- Please request ETHEXIndia Support to change the details by sending a mail to [email protected]

20. I have not received withdrawal Request Code.

- Please wait for one minute to receive the Withdrawal Request Code. In case if you did not receive the code within one minute, then press Resend button to request a new code. Also check if your mobile inbox is full and clear it if needed.

21. Can I change Bank Details and Mobile Number at a time?

- You cannot change your bank details and mobile number at a time. There should be a gap of five working days to change the details.

ETH/INR Transactions


- Our minimum amount is 1 ETH per trade.

- For INR the smallest tick size we offer is in multiples of Rs 1.

22.b. What is the minimum amount(INR) for deposit/withdrawal.

- INR 10 is the minimum amount.

23. What is the minimum for ETH withdrawals.

- The minimum for ETH withdrawals is 0.00001 ETH.


- ETHEXIndia charges a 1% fee on all trades (including taxes).

- Transfers to and from your wallet via NEFT, RTGS and IMPS are free of charge.

25. When will the amount(INR) get credited into my bank account.

- The amount is dispatched in three batches by NEFT at 10 AM, 1 PM and 5 PM. If your trade takes place after 5 PM on a particular day, your amount(INR) will be credited the next business day.

26. How do you identify that the amount transferred to ETHEXIndia is from my bank account?

- If you transfer the amount via IMPS, the amount is identified by your mobile number. If the amount is transferred via NEFT, then the amount is identified by your name.

27. Any charges for deposits and withdrawals with ETHEXIndia.

- No charges for deposits or withdrawals of ETH. However Payment gateway(PG) charges may apply for depositing INR with ETHEXIndia. Please refer to your PG for transaction charges.

28. Can I transfer the amount to ETHEXIndia through Credit/Debit Card?

- No. The amount can only be transferred through a bank account registered with ETHEXIndia .

29. Can I pay amount(INR) through cash deposit to ETHEXIndia?

- We do not accept cash deposits. Only amount credited from a registered bank account is accepted.

30. Would you accept if I have transferred amount(INR) from a different bank account other than the registered bank account?

- Funds from a different bank account other than registered with ETHEXIndia will not be accepted. If transferred from a different bank account, the funds will be returned within seven business days.

31. How to convert from ETH to INR?

- Go to: ETHEXIndia.com>Trade>Sell Ether. Your INR will be credited to your registered bank account.

32. How to convert from INR to ETH?

- After buying ethers using INR, go to: ETHEXIndia.com>Wallet>withdrawal to withdraw your ethers.

33. Can I cancel my order?

- You can cancel your order. No charges will be levied.

34. When I sell my ethers, when will be the amount(INR) transferred to my bank account.

- The amount is dispatched in three batches by NEFT at 10 AM, 1 PM and 5 PM. If the trade takes place after 5 PM your amount will be credited on the next business day.

35. Why are the colors highlighted in Live Order book?

- Light blue color indicates a buyer. Pale red indicates a seller. Please note that volumes above 20 ethers will only be highlighted in color in the order book.


36. Where can I get additional information about Ethereum?

- www.ethereum.org have resources to learn about Ethereum.

37. How can I mention the trading amount in IT returns to Income Tax Department.

- ETHEXIndia provides yearly statement of account of your trades. Please consult your tax consultant with the statement of account.