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Ethereun India, ETH to INR, Ether to Rupee

Cryptocurrency Exchange, Instant Payouts

Robust Trading, Fast Withdrawals

WHAT IS Ethexindia? - Ethexindia is an ether exchange that offers trading between Indian rupees and ether for Indian nationals.

HOW DO I SIGN UP TO Ethexindia? - Click the 'Create Account' link on and sign up with your email address and mobile number, and you will soon receive a link to verify your contact information. After clicking the verification link, you will receive a message with your client ID and login information. You can now use your client ID or email for login. For every login, we will send you a dynamic access code to your registered email or mobile. Enter the 5 digit dynamic access code in the login screen, and you are now able to access the site and view trading.

Welcome to ETHEXIndia – India’s first Ether exchange!

We offer an ETH / INR order book, which allows you to buy and sell ETH, or Ether, the native token of Ethereum. Ether allows you to pay for 'gas', the fuel for computing power on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum, known as the World Computer, web 3.0, and enabler or Internet of Things, offers a secure way to run smart contracts without downtime, censorship, fraud, or other third party interference.

Become part of Web 3.0 with Ethereum by joining ETHEXIndia now!

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