ETHEXIndia is the first and leading provider of ether exchange services in India. From providing a range of products and services, ETHEXIndia is extending its services portfolio with blockchain consulting services. The consulting arm intends to be a hub of activity for decentralized technologies by mentoring and building resources for blockchain ecosystems primarily around Ethereum.

With the advent of blockchain technology and dApps which provide the power of decentralization, there will be a paradigm shift in the way current businesses operate. Decentralization will bring more feasibility in transactions along with transparency. ETHEXIndia wants to be a major player and contributor in this transformation in India.

Our Ethereum based blockchain consulting provides a range of turnkey and bespoke solutions to banks and financial institutions deploying blockchain networks. Combined with a network of partners and our in-depth technical expertise and domain experience, we want to deliver solutions to a wide range of industries from banking to transport.

Our Ethereum based blockchain consulting primarily focuses on the following:

  1. Development and resource sharing
  2. Incubation for new ideas
  3. Joint ventures and consortiums
  4. Inception and execution of projects